How It Works


Our NFT Marketplace allows anyone to participate.  No knowledge of crypto, ownership of crypto or even a crypto wallet is needed.  Your wallet is created for you automatically!  Your fans can use a debit, credit card or Google/Apple Pay.  We will soon be announcing PayPal!



We schedule individual webinars or in groups to go over your needs, discuss how to get started with NFTs in PrismNFT and how to even do it for free.  People are looking to connect, and you should get paid for your content directly!  Join us on a webinar to learn more by signing up here!



We provide turnkey service for our creators.  From concept, design to minting and payment setup.  You do not need to know anything about crypto to get your content out there on the blockchain, and best of all, your fans don’t need a crypto wallet, crypto currency, or knowledge of crypto to buy your media!

Have your links to your Media channels ready to share when you contact us

We will discuss the possibility of getting your NFTs done for free, so you don’t have to pay for design, minting or gas fees. (Limited time offer!)

We will go over creative concepts and designs.  We assist you in developing value beyond photos, videos, and conference calls.  We teach you how to create perks for your fans such as:

      • Lessons – share your favorite talent!
      • Shout-outs – your followers may want a birthday or anniversary shout-out from you on an NFT
      • Merchandise – do you sell merch? Let us show you how to grow your business with an NFT
      • Video Calls – you might be one of those people that get constantly asked to connect via a video call. We give you tips on staying safe, using aliases, and never disclosing your telephone number.   

We will soon offer secondary Royalties, so you earn on every re-sale of your NFT

We are here to assist and make your journey into the world of NFTs painless and fun. We want to ensure that your fans feel the same way by allowing them to buy your tokens with a debit or credit card or even Google and Apply Pay!  PayPal is coming soon!


Contact us today to get started!  We can’t wait to hear from you!