1. Can anyone become a content creator?

No, our site is curated. You simply apply here and we will invite you to a Zoom call for orientation to see if PrismNFT is a fit. We are seeking responsible and serious models, content creators, trainers and service providers to responsibly deliver the promised reward on the NFT Token.


2.When do I get paid?

Depending on your country, your bank transfer occurs at the beginning of every month. Specific days for processing vary between country and banks. We expect to announce Paypal soon to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of money transactions on our platform.


3. What if I sold a token but was unable to deliver the reward?

We do not pay out on unfulfilled activities. You need to make every effort to reschedule and fulfill the promised reward stated in your NFT. If you cannot do so within 10 days of the purchase, the user receives a full refund. Should this occur more than once, we would require a review and possible suspension from the platform.


4. Do my client/fans need to own Cryptocurrency or have a Crypto wallet?

No, our site processes in USD $ and users can buy your tokens with debit or credit cards. We also accept Google and Apple Pay.


5.Can I offer products or services on PrismNFT?

Yes, in some cases, creators offer shout-outs, digital lesson plans, online training and more. This is part of our orientation process to explore ways that you can bring value to the platform.


6.How do I learn more?

Once you apply to be a Content Creator, we will invite you to a Webinar to review all the great possibilities that Prism and NFTs have to offer!